Do you also want to be completely groomed on your road bike?

When buying a set of Superpasso racing tyres, receive a pair of Vredestein by Sockeloen cycling socks worth €19,95

How does it work?


Go and see your Vredestein dealer

Buy a set of Vredestein Superpasso tyres

Ask for the voucher

Use your unique code via the below link to

(*Only valid in The Netherlands)

Sockeloen cycling socks


Your bike will look very sleek with your new Vredestein Superpasso racing tyres, but you can also look completely groomed with the free* high performance series of Vredestein by Sockeloen socks.

(* exclusive shipping costs)

Specially designed


Specially designed in collaboration with Sockeloen. Jasper Ockeloen was – and is – one of those riders with a sock fetish. One of those countless riders for whom the socks must have exactly that one color, that one design and made of that one material. They shouldn’t be too low, but they shouldn’t be too high either. Not too tight and not too loose, not too thick and not too thin. His nickname in the peloton was quickly found: Sockeloen.

The latest road racing tyre from Vredestein


The Superpasso is a high-quality all-round folding tire with the characteristics that are suitable for all types of cyclists. The 150 TPI carcass ensures a smooth tire with low rolling resistance and a lot of driving comfort. The TriComp technology, with a balanced mix of compounds on the tread and sidewalls, gives you the confidence you expect from a premium racing tire: even wear, fast and smooth cornering, good puncture protection and maximum grip in wet and dry conditions.